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Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Colombia

A semi-private beach, warm water, locally grown vegetarian meals, yoga, and meditation.

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One-to-one mentoring sessions for healing and inner transformation

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I'm a Buddhist meditation teacher who has spent the last two decades exploring what it means to awaken the heart through an embodied approach to the spiritual path. 

What I’ve learned is that it doesn't have to be a struggle to attune to living a more present, fulfilling and joyful life. Each and every one of us has vast potential to embrace and embody our fullest and most awakened nature.

Meditation is an integrative process of opening the heart. My work is to serve as a guide in your own personal process of inner transformation and to help you grow a vibrant, sustainable meditation practice. 

This site offers information about the mentoring, retreats, and classes that I offer. These resources are designed to support your practice, and I invite you to explore and ask me questions to learn more. 

Looking forward to connecting with you!