Meditation Mentoring

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The One-to-One Mentoring I Offer

My aim and wish is to support people in finding, embracing, and embodying their fullest and most awakened selves. I see my work as helping people develop mindful awareness, self-compassion, intuition, resilience, and clarity in all aspects of their lives.

As a Buddhist Meditation teacher with twenty years of study and practice, including nine years as a Buddhist monk, I am able to draw from an abundance of practices, strategies and perspectives that have been designed to help individuals awaken from suffering for centuries. As a result my work is dynamic, experiential, and unique to individual needs. Our work together will enable you to transform limiting beliefs and patterns, bringing greater efficacy in overcoming mental and emotional habits that cause unnecessary suffering. Together we co-create a space that greets whatever emerges with compassion.

What Might Mentoring Provide

  • Meditation instruction and coaching (for both beginners and more experienced meditators)
  • Support in becoming aware of and breaking free from negative habits and choices
  • Techniques for integrating meditation and Buddhist practice into daily life
  • Support in the process of healing emotional trauma, anxiety, and low self-worth
  • Support in cultivating genuine self-love and compassion
  • Support in addressing physical wellness and healthy lifestyle choices.

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One-to-one Mentoring Sessions

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions are typically forty minutes once a week or biweekly by phone or skype. In-person sessions can also be arranged upon request. 
  • An initial three month commitment is recommended. 
  • The cost of these ongoing sessions is offered on a sliding scale basis. Please contact me through the form below if you would like to discuss, or begin the process.
  • I am not a licensed clinician/psychologist, and one-to-one mentoring is not a replacement for therapy.
  • I look forward to connecting with you.
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