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The One-to-one Mentoring I Offer

My aim and wish is to support people in finding, embracing, and embodying their fullest and most awakened selves. I see my work as helping people develop mindful awareness, self-compassion, intuition, resilience, and clarity in all aspects of their lives.

As a Buddhist Meditation teacher with twenty years of study and practice, including nine years as a Buddhist monk, I am able to draw from an abundance of practices, strategies and perspectives that have been designed to help individuals awaken from suffering for centuries. As a result my work is dynamic, experiential, and unique to individual needs. Our work together will enable you to transform limiting beliefs and patterns in the body-mind, bringing greater efficacy in overcoming mental and emotional habits that cause unnecessary suffering. Together we co-create a space that greets whatever emerges with compassion.

What Might Mentoring Provide

  • Meditation instruction and coaching (for both beginners and more experienced meditators)

  • Somatic (body) awareness practices for healing patterns of stress, anxiety, and relational injuries

  • A holistic approach to the study and practice of the Buddhist path

  • Support in becoming aware of and breaking free from negative habits and choices

  • Techniques for integrating meditation and Buddhist practice into daily life

  • Support in addressing physical wellness and healthy lifestyle choices

  • Read more about working with a mentor

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Meditation Mentoring Subscriptions Include

  • Weekly or semi-monthly one-to-one sessions by phone or Zoom.

  • Access to a personalized curriculum and meditation program.

  • Access to a supportive community of meditators (an additional monthly group session).

  • Monthly subscriptions start at $250.

  • Standalone sessions are $125 and available upon request.

  • Schedule a complimentary discovery session to get started.



“I started working with Scott shortly after I was laid off from a job that I absolutely loved.  Having a regular meditation practice and a dedication to working the Buddhist precepts was a big help during this difficult transition.  However I knew that my meditation practice needed to deepen and I needed to turn towards the pain that I was experiencing more fully.  Scott helped guide me by sharing a meditation that not only helped me recognize the physical feelings within me, but that also opened up the flood gates for deeper investigation of the emotional space I was in.  Scott is an excellent listener and lets the session unfold in an authentic way that lends itself to open conversation.  His ability to apply a Buddhist framework to my day to day challenges (work, parenting, cultivating positive friendships) has made such a difference in how I view things now.  I feel that since I started working with him I am more confident and able to navigate some of the more complex things that life has thrown at me as of late.  I cannot recommend him enough and hope that anyone who is willing to do the work will look to Scott as a guide!” ― Sarah Arslanian


“I started working with Scott after an inspiring retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche. I wanted a place to venture further into questions about my practice. I don’t have a personal relationship with Rinpoche, so I don’t have a place to ask about things as they come up.  Scott helped me restructure my sitting practice, which has been a great benefit.  Scott listens very carefully.  He exudes his kindness and caring, which allows me to trust him completely.  I have no embarrassment, no matter how mundane or ridiculous my questions might seem.  I have been more inspired and more committed in my practice from working with Scott.  I have waited for a relationship like this for a long time.  I’m filled with gratitude.” ― Vicki Pollard


“The main problems that I deal with are how to integrate my spiritual practice into daily life, and how to prioritize the various meditation practices I work with. Scott patiently listens to my concerns and guides me. Because of his deep understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and life experiences, he can relate to what I am facing and helps me to apply the teachings in a practical way. His teaching style is easy for western students to relate to, and given his lineage and devotion, I have complete trust in him. His humbleness and his compassion touch me deeply. I have definitely felt more presence, well being, and a stronger sense of direction since working with Scott.” ― Yuan Zhou


“I was drawn to Scott because of my wish to incorporate traditional teachings from Tibetan Buddhism into a “modern” life. I have witnessed Scott modeling this possibility and teaching others along the way. I became acquainted with Scott at my first retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, as he was giving teaching recaps at the retreat. When I found out he had stepped into a mentoring/teaching role I was drawn to the opportunity to work with him. My time with Scott has been an enriching experience, I feel fortunate to have found him. He has been clear about expectations, communication and the structure of our mentor/mentee relationship. His support has been consistent and encouraging, I have never felt pressured in anyway. His laid back demeanor combined with his extensive knowledge of the Dharma has kindly nurtured my development.” ― Marsha Fuller


"The biggest problem that I have had is doubt. Am I doing it right? Is this what is supposed to be happening? All of this doubt has really hindered my practice and at times I have almost quit. I have found Scott to be very patient, compassionate and understanding. He is able to reassure me based on both knowledge and experience that he has been most willing to share with me. Scott is very down to earth and practical for a person with such knowledge. I appreciate his work with me. It has really helped!" ― Steve Moore

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