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Going Beyond Transactional Relationships

  • Tse Chen Ling 302 Jules Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94112 United States (map)

Transactions seem to be just the way things get done in the modern world, as less and less attention is being paid to the humans (and other beings) behind our food, goods, and services, and more and more of our personal and romantic relationships are being reduced to swipes and likes.

Some Buddhist teachers call materialism a disease, and similar to a disease, when the conditions for it to spread proliferate, we have fewer and fewer options for containment. Thankfully, materialism is an ideological disease. This means that even though it persists in the systems around us, we can change our relationship to it through a shift in our own perspective.

In this evening talk we will explore various Buddhist methods for shifting this perspective, opening our hearts to others, and healing emotional patterns that may be subverting our efforts towards genuine happiness.

For more information and to register please visit: Tse Chen Ling Buddhist Center